Your new baby is almost here. Pick up steam and complete the finishing touches left before the little one’s arrival. We know first-hand choosing the right apparel is a tricky task, especially for debutant parents. With aesthetics often favored over practicality, results such as covering the baby too much, too lightly, or so uncomfortably that daycare becomes an every-minute battle are likely to happen. We know it too well because, at EZ-ON BaBeez, we experienced each and every one of those nuisances. That’s what motivated us to try our spin on the traditional “onesie,” creating cute baby bodysuits that are not only fashionable but uber practical for daycare. Recently, Baby Maternity Retailer, the magazine to read before you buy baby clothes, featured our bodysuits. We are excited to share the highlights with you.  


Why Our Cute Baby Bodysuits Can Actually Help in Daycare Routines

These beautiful and practical bodysuits were inspired by all parents, grandparents, daycare personnel, and babysitters dealing with the difficulties of frequent diaper changes, continuous laundry loads, tiring cleaning tasks, and everything else that comes with caring for young babies.  


The patent-pending design is the most efficient way to dress a baby without resigning to cute, eye-catching prints. In fact, we have exclusive/licensed designs and often feature famous artists. 


Our bodysuits are created by a mom for moms! Unlike regular “onesies” or traditional baby clothing, these baby garments will lend you a hand to manage daycare routines more effortlessly:

  • They are easy to fasten, close, zip-up.
  • They come with a ‘wet resistant’ special lining that is very easy to wipe clean, ensuring protection and fewer laundry turns.  
  • The breathable fabric makes for cool and comfortable baby apparel that reduces rashes and allergies.


Our Feature in Baby Maternity Retailer Magazine Confirms It

As previously mentioned, our very own EZ-ON BaBeez bodysuit was featured in Baby Maternity Retailer Magazine. 


The piece highlighted the eco-friendly and sustainable quality of the product and described some of the main characteristics that distinguish our baby garment from others. 


Here’s a recap of the main topics:

  • Materials utilized: soft and cuddly cotton/spandex blend.
  • Design: the waistline opening provides an easy solution to changing the baby’s diaper without having to access the busy and messy near crotch area opening featured in “onesies.” The special linen is good to prevent minor leaks and reduce soiled fabric.
  • Fabric of choice: by working with bamboo, a naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, lightweight, and breathable textile, the baby apparel can additionally provide thermal-neutral properties that keep babies cool in summer and warm in winter.


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Ready to buy baby clothes? Contact us! At EZ-ON BaBeez, we have a full line of personalized accessories, bottoms, gift boxes, collections, and, of course, our rising superstars: the cute baby bodysuits! Our products are tailored for newborn to 18-month old babies. You can explore our exclusive designs across the website. We ship across the US and internationally to Canada. Our goal is to make your life and your baby’s life more comfortable!


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