The miracles of birth are outstanding, especially as you watch and nurture your newborn. Every mother takes pride in their child, and watches their every move to ensure safety, but also out of love. As a mother, you will keep your baby safe and will only want the best for your baby, and that may include sustainable kids clothing. 


But just as you’re watching over your newborn’s needs, your baby is watching you and getting to know your intricacies. Read on to find out what your baby thinks about you and where to buy baby clothes from Florida that will help keep him or her snug and comfy. 


Baby Is Always Learning

As early as 7 months in the womb, your baby is hearing your voice, filtered through fluids. By the time they’re born, they already acknowledge your voice and latch onto it as a comforting familiar. A newborn’s eyesight is still pretty blurry even up to two months old, but they can still see about 8-14 inches away from their face during the day. And about 8-14 inches away just happens to be the distance that they sit from your face while you’re nursing them, allowing your baby to recognize you easily. 


Your baby will also be able to recognize your smell within days of birth. A baby will even be able to distinguish between your milk and someone else’s, just by scent alone. Your baby is learning that when they’re hungry or upset, you’re always there for them for either a meal or comfort. Despite a delay in reaching them, simply calling to your baby and letting them know you’re coming will oftentimes be enough to soothe them, as they are learning that you are their provider. 


Buy Baby Clothes That Match Your Baby’s Personality

As your baby is growing and learning, they’re getting smarter, even at two months old. A study was conducted using female and male faces, and when a baby’s primary caretaker was female, they preferred seeing female faces over male. And when the baby’s primary caretaker was male, the results were switched, showing that a baby can compare others and see some generalities.  


Being more in tune with their surroundings and their mothers, babies deserve sustainable kids clothing that reflects their true personalities, whether it’s pandas, sharks, licensed artwork or even designs by exclusive artists. By six months old, your baby is developing a sense of humor and what better way to showcase that then in their clothing?  And around 8 months old, gone are the days of Peekaboo, where your baby was delighted to see you reappear in a flash. Babies at this stage are now able to hold onto your image, realizing that you left a room and aren’t around anymore, causing more than one crying fit.  


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It’s no wonder that as a mother, you want to buy baby clothes made to last and that will feel comfortable on your baby’s skin. Having a new, innovative way to change your baby’s diaper is even better, and that’s why EZ-ON BaBeez has the “onesies” you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn about our patent-pending, easy to diaper change jumpsuits, saving you time and clean up! As they grow, you’ll want sustainable kids clothing that will not only benefit your baby, but also the environment. Located in Florida, EZ-ON BaBeez can ship nationwide to meet all of your baby’s essential necessities!

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