Parents understand the incredible joy that a baby will bring, along with the massive mess: spit-ups, spills, and worst of all, the dreaded diaper change. Perhaps you and your partner pride yourselves on equal responsibility, or maybe your partner mysteriously disappears whenever that time comes. Whatever category you fit into, EZ-ON BaBeez has created bamboo baby bodysuits that will make catastrophic diaper changes a thing of the past. Created by a mom, for moms, these bodysuits will be changing the standard of sustainable kids clothing. Our innovative design meets eco-friendly fabrics adorned with exclusive, licensed designs and trending colors.


Bamboo Baby Bodysuits 

If you have been on the hunt for sustainable kids clothing or simple clothing solutions to make clean up easier, our bamboo bodysuits will make you sing. Adult fashion brands have been moving toward sustainable practices and fabrics for years now, but the market for kid clothing seems to be trailing behind. The perk of sustainable materials is that they often have benefits for the wearer and the environment. Take our bamboo bodysuits, for example. Not is this fabric suitable for the planet, but it is also:

  1. Anti-microbial
  2. Durable
  3. Super soft and comfortable
  4. Stain-resistant
  5. Sustainable, organic, eco-friendly

A baby’s sensitive skin is as easily damaged as our world’s atmosphere, so it makes sense that what is right for our air is also suitable for our baby’s skin. 


Simple, Waistline Opening

What makes our bodysuits unique is that they have a patent-pending design that allows for efficient dressing, easy diaper changes, and an overall design to make your life easier. Our bodysuit openings are straightforward, thanks to our hook-and-loop fastener at the waistline, so no more fumbling for snaps while your baby is kicking and crying. Not only does this make undressing easier, but during diaper changes, it is preferable to stay as far away from the diaper area until it is necessary, and our waistline openings make that possible. This location also provides excellent accessibility to diaper tabs or closures, meaning no more struggling with a bodysuit that keeps getting in the way. 


Easy Clean Lining

Last but certainly not least, our bodysuits also include an easy-to-clean lining. The fabric treated lining is designed to protect the garment from any minor leaks because while outfit changes might be cute, the excessive laundry certainly isn’t. Our ‘wet resistant’ liners strive to ensure that the job of diaper changing is a little less messy. Now your partner, who always seems to disappear before a diaper change, will have less of a mess to fear. 


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EZ-ON BaBeez is here to make the life of parents a little bit easier. Ideally, we can give you a bit more freedom to relax, now knowing that your baby’s clothing won’t lead to an explosive mess. The bar for sustainable kids clothing has just been raised thanks to our bamboo baby bodysuits. Check out our website to see what all the hype is about. Keep your kid clean and your mind at ease!

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