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Take a look at our beautiful uniquely designed collection.  Combined with our trademarked EZ-on, EZ-off, EZ-Change hook and loop fasteners and wet proof liners.  You’ll love them!

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My Tot Box - Our Baby Subscription Box

Tot Box Gift Box Sets make perfect gifts for new
babies, new moms and dads and expecting parents. A great shower gift for your friend who is expecting!

EZ-On BaBeez™ Marine Life Collection!

Beautiful custom artwork from renowned artist “World Art by Jason Juranek”  These prints were commissioned specifically for our baby products!

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Are You Looking For Sustainable Baby Clothes?

Are you shopping for baby clothes? EZ-On BaBeez™ Baby Bodysuits are a unique, patent pending, fashionable baby bodysuit with the opening at the waistline, and wet resistant liner, which makes diaper changes and infant care a breeze. EZ-on, EZ-off, EZ-er on Moms, Dads and parents!

Whether it’s your own child, a friend’s, or a relative’s, the new bundle of joy in your life will be going through a plethora of diapers in their first year. Why should that affect the clothes you buy? If you have ever experienced changing a diaper, you will understand why.

Easier Diaper Changes, No More Snaps!

Conventional “onesies” are held together by snaps located near the crotch, where the mess is. This inconvenient location, combined with finicky snaps, can aggravate an already-challenging diaper change. Instead of this fussy setup, look for bodysuits that close without using snaps. Your best solution is the patent pending Baby Bodysuit from EZ-On BaBeez™. As a forerunner in accessible baby bodysuits and sustainable kids clothing, EZ-On BaBeez™ knows what new parents need to smooth over a diaper change. Keep reading to learn more about our roots and the various products we offer.

Eco Friendly, Sustainable!

Bamboo Bodysuit

0-18 Months

Available Now

New 2021 Romper

0-18 Months


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There Are So Many Reasons To Love Our Baby BodySuit

Ideally, you would be able to trust your diaper to keep all baby’s waste sealed tight until you can change it. In reality, however, blowouts happen all the time, and even the most reputable diapers can leak when your baby is in-between sizes. Cleaning up after a leaking diaper can be tiresome and frustrating, especially if that means the blowout soaked into your baby’s onesie, necessitating a replacement. Rather than allow diaper blowouts to go through three onesies a day, dress your baby in the Baby BodySuit from EZ-On BaBeez. Each bodysuit’s interior is lined with a moisture-resistant material that repels liquid and keeps your baby dry. Although you may need to change that soggy diaper, after a quick wipe clean, the Baby BodySuit will be good to go for another round! Including a water-resistant interior reflects the thoughtfulness of EZ-On BaBeez’s design team; we know how little inconveniences such as replacing a onesie and piling on laundry can weigh a young parent down. Our practical wet-resistant interior ensures that, even if the baby’s diaper fails, their BodySuit won’t!
Do you find that the products you buy your kids don’t seem to last out of the package? We believe the most viable reason to buy new clothes for your kids is that they have outgrown them, and not because the product has worn out. The BodySuits from EZ-On BaBeez are designed to outlast the rate of your infant’s growth. All of our baby clothing is available in conventional size formats with which your family and friends will be familiar: Our smallest size is 0-3 months, increasing steadily to 3-6 months and 6-9 months. Your baby can continue wearing our onesies in 9-12 months size as they approach a year old and then switch to our 12-18 months suits after that.

Our BodySuits are made of superfine, jersey-knit cotton, either as 100% Cotton in 1×1 rib knit or as a blend of 95% cotton and 5% polyester. Whichever style you choose, you will feel the difference in quality. The best part? When your baby is ready for a new outfit, you can simply toss the onesie in the wash! There’s no need to handwash these garments; all our BodySuits are machine washable and can be washed repeatedly without the worry of wear.

Clearly, you are learning more about our BodySuits because you care about what your baby needs today. It follows then that you are also concerned with your baby’s future and the environment in which he or she will be an adult. Caring for our kids while they’re young is not enough; we should also make the future of their environment a priority. To account for the growing need for sustainable clothing options, we have partnered with manufacturers and baby clothing designers around the world to create a clothing line that is just as convenient and comfortable as a traditional Baby BodySuit – but environmentally friendly, to boot! This new clothing line features beautiful designs made from a blend of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex. Why bamboo? This suit from Asia is one of the fastest-growing, abundant resources worldwide. Bamboo is resilient and easy to grow and can replace forests of trees and fields of cotton for various products, from paper to plastics to fabric. You would never know that such a soft, durable fabric comes from those tubular plants of panda fancy. Yet, by making the switch to bamboo-based products, you can make a difference in the sustainability of your child’s products and help instill in them a value for their environment, even at a young age!
About Us

Who We Are

“Having recently retired, I began to enjoy time with family and 5 beautiful grandchildren. While I love looking after the grandchildren, changing their diapers was my least favorite. As I’m sure it is for most new moms, dads, babysitters and daycare personnel.

The snap closures were always located at the crotch area, making it a struggle to open and close. Unbuttoning the onesie at the bottom, while carefully removing the diaper was always messy and cumbersome. Due to this, the baby would inevitably start to cry.

If that was a problem for me, it had to be a problem for all new moms, dads, and other grandparents. That was the “AHA!” moment! There had to be a better way. With my 40 years in product development, I decided to put my experience to good use!”

– Julieta Recometa, EZ-On BaBeez™ Founder

EZ-On BaBeez™ Unique Patent Pending & Award Winning Bodysuit!

We start with a ‘Wet Resistant’ breathable treated fabric lining to protect the garment from minor leaks which reduces laundry and outfit changes.

Our opening at the waist is hook-and-loop fastener (like Velcro®) that makes changing a breeze: No clumsy snaps in the crotch where the mess is!

Our fabric is super soft to the touch and gentle on baby’s skin to keep your little one comfy.

We cannot stress enough that we have a huge variety of bodysuits to choose from. You will not have to purchase anything else for your newborn other than our baby garments because of how many styles they come in. Some of our apparel even looks like cute outfits, so you won’t have to worry about putting a huge amount of effort into dressing your baby.


Sustainable Kids Clothing Born Out Of Necessity

EZ-On BaBeez™ signature product, the Baby Bodysuit, was born out of necessity by a recently retired mom and grandmother, who had a lot of diaper-changing experiences on her hands. She found that the design of traditional “onesies” with snaps were cumbersome, and inconveniently located at the crotch, right where the mess is! Peeling back the “onesies” was like peeling back a banana, just to get to the diaper, which was unpleasant for a sleeping baby. She found that aligning awkward snaps with a squirmy baby often prolonged the diaper change process and made both of them want to cry.

This experienced diaper-changer, who had a career in product development, decided to create a solution. The birth of EZ-On BaBeez™ began with a simple concept, which steadily grew from a pipe dream to a patent-pending, and award-winning baby product. Not only did the babies enjoy the soft, comfortable baby bodysuits, but moms, dads, babysitters, grandparents, and relatives alike all agreed that diaper changes were EZ-er.

Recent developments from this grandmother entrepreneur include a line of sustainable and environmentally friendly products; including super-soft, durable and anti-microbial bamboo fabric, glass feeding bottles, and stainless steel sippy cups. Check out our full line of sustainable products.

So Much To Choose From, So Much To Love!

Now that you’re convinced our Baby BodySuit is flawless, wait until you see the collection of suits we have available. Browse our website, and you’ll discover a host of categories: seasonal styles in our Holiday Collection and Spring and Summer Collection; patriotic prints in our sweet Americana line; cool icons from WarePlay; cute fish and friends in our Marine Collection; and shout-outs to Baby’s stellar babysitters in our Super-hero line. Our e-store also includes a Signature line of our best-selling designs. Be sure to scope out our Clearance and New Arrivals pages to optimize your shopping experience.

We may have begun EZ-On BaBeez™ with bodysuits in mind, but our store has expanded to include many more products. We offer clothing of all sizes, from adult and youth t-shirts to toddler apparel. Our line for babies includes bottoms such as cute skirts and footed pants. Accessorize your baby’s outfit with our adorable, matching hat and booties. Or, throw in some hair bands that will perfectly coordinate with the Baby BodySuit in your cart. We also sell sippy cups and feeding bottles made from organic, BPA-free glass. No matter the age or style of your baby, we have the perfect gift for them!

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EZ-On BaBeez™ – GAB-bee – Gift Set
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EZ-On BaBeez™ – GAB Bee – Glass Feeding Bottle – 180mL
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EZ-On BaBeez™ – Accessories – Sippy Cups
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EZ-On BaBeez™ – GAB Bee – Bamboo Fabric Baby Bodysuit
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A great quality made, easy to use baby onesie. Another plus is the wet resistant liner and velcro closure is so easy to use.
Love all the outfits!
High quality material and construction of this ingenious design!
Truly amazing EZOnBabeez page and great content/posts/products. Share with everyone.
They are easy to use and very comfortable for baby , amazing product
These are so adorable and do much easier than what I had to use on my kids in the 80s!

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